Mario Kart 8 Launch Party with TheJustinFlynn!

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Автор: Doujind
Okay time to faint jwittz lives in the same city as me BOOM
Автор: Dugore
Автор: Nenris
If jwitzz lives in Chicago HE LIVES IN ILLINOIS WHERE I LIVE
Автор: Tojazil
Damnit i missed the stream
Автор: Akinosho
I believe I was already following you anyway (I'll go check) and I'll go follow Justin now :) Looking forward to the stream :)
Автор: Kigrel
Did it
Автор: Kajilmaran
Awww man...
Автор: Mezit
JWittz: "Then Wii've got the event for U!"
Автор: Tojashura
hey jwittz after Mario kart 8 can you do a top 10 most powerful dragon type pokemon ? any way  hope you win  and  show how u are. later
Автор: Voodoonris
this is so wiered
Автор: JoJoshakar
My time is central time Boo-Yah
Автор: Faule
Автор: Zulura
Автор: Dulrajas
Gonna' watch both MK8 streams while I play a bunch of MK8. Genius.
Автор: Kedal
Darn ill miss 2 hours since ill be in school oh well better late then never
Автор: Kiganris
0:15 -WII've got the event for U
Автор: Magal
A contest where someone in the UK can actually win? Wow, that never happens XD
Автор: Kerg
Автор: Mushicage
Dam it I'll be in school! 😠 well have fun anyway! 😋
Автор: Voodoosho
Best you tuber ever
Автор: Keshicage
You never give prizes to Europe (with exeption o UK)! I'm really upset about this, Wittz.
Автор: Doull
My buddy Flynn and Jwittz playing Mario Kart all day? Better start getting snacks ready!
Автор: Dalar
I hope I be seeing you all on the mario Kart courses online
Автор: Zoloshura
Too bad I'll be playing Mario Kart 8 during those 8 hours!
Автор: Arabei
TheJWittz and theJFlynn...
Автор: Mazudal
Автор: Yosar
The stream was so awesome! :D Thanks for a great time!
Автор: Dishicage
Awesome! I'm super excited for MK8!
Автор: Kagaran
Are you going to make a video about Nintendos recent decision to basically "Tax" YouTube content creators who upload videos of people playing their games?
Автор: Zulkiran
I'm so keen for this! That's a 3 a.m. start in Australia. So worth it!
Автор: Mataur
Автор: Mikat
I had a moment and forgot that I lived in Missouri, that state right next to Illinois in the same time zone. I started having a mini panic attack thinking it already started.
Автор: Mikalrajas
You actually care about us in Australia? You are now my favorite youtuber!
Автор: Kigakinos
And with a heavy sigh, all of Europe realized it was a no go for them. Aw man why do I gotta live in sweden? D:
Автор: Maurisar
No I hate jflynn why you do this jwittz
Автор: Arashijar
Why not México? We are not so far from the US. :(
Автор: JoJobar
Chicago best in the world!!!!!!!
Автор: Zulujind
For those on the East Coast the times are 1pm-9pm
Автор: Akicage
Well, fun fact, there actually are 40 different timezones in the world.
Автор: Galrajas
Damn it I live in New Zealand
Автор: Yotilar
I was so glad when you said the UK :D
Автор: Meran
Positive vibes
Автор: Vosho
Very well made announcement! I was impressed by the way you presented all this information. Good job!
Автор: Grolar
Holy shit I missed it!
Автор: Mitilar
I am still on school holidays;I can watch the full stream
Автор: Doujin
For the U.K! Starts 6pmish ends 2 am
Автор: Galabar
#TeamWaah !
Автор: Mudal
March 30th...
Автор: Samulmaran
he wrote March instead of May lol
Автор: Zuluk
4 minutes ago
Автор: Zulusho
Автор: Gagore
Автор: Kigakasa
Starts 1 o'clock for me :D
Автор: Meztirisar
WAIIIITTT A second, you're in Chicago???! Holy crap I live in Oak Park!
Автор: Akinojin
oh thats in a few hours awsome
Автор: Kejinn
Soulda' said "wii"ve at 00:15 :P
Автор: Bracage
Mario Kart 8! LootCrates! Whoo! So excited :D
Автор: Fetaur
"These prizes are limited in the US, UK , Australia" :(
Автор: Ninris
O ma god you are awesome
Автор: Voodoonris
It starts at 2am in my country.😭
Автор: Moogut
Is that Andrew W.K.?
Автор: Tygolkree
The JWittz and The JFlynn, aw yea.
Автор: Daikinos
OMG i reallllyyyyy want that wiiu soooooooooo much i have been begging my mom for a wiiu and mario kart 8 is gonaa be great so wanna win!!!!!
Автор: Akizahn
Mario Kart 8 is amazing.
Автор: Kebar
I normally wouldnt be able to watch buuuut.... Im going to be early dissmissed. Yay!
Автор: Kagore
So, for me, 1am to 9am. That's totally fair.
Автор: Fenrilabar seems to be having problems right now ( 1:00 am May 30th). I blame you for the traffic. I BLAME YOU!!!
Автор: Voodoocage
Wish I could join in but I'm working all Friday afternoon/evening. Will be doing my own MK8 streaming all weekend though. =D
Автор: Fekasa
It's a good thing that my school gets out early tomorrow. I'll be basically watching the stream from the get-go.
Автор: Shakahn
Автор: Dutilar
JFlynn, woot!
Автор: Faurisar
Will be there, hope to see all of you there :)
Автор: Vizragore
TheJWittz it would be interesting to hear your opinion the same way you did with the Lavender Town video fiasco.
Автор: Nik
Missed it drat
Автор: Nitaur
It was disapointing when my country wasnt on the list.
Автор: Mimi
Or are you going to stay away from the topic?
Автор: Samull
do you know if it's going to ever come out for the 3ds?
Автор: Mirn
In germany it starts at 7pm for all germans^^ (include me^^)
Автор: Gardashakar
the game comes out on my birthday
Автор: Galar
Anyways i'll definitely be watching a part of the stream, i think it'll be awesome.
Автор: Kigadal
Yes favorite streamer+youtuber
Автор: Arahn
1:09 there are technically 26 timezones (he forgot GMT+13 and GMT+14)
Автор: Moshicage
Автор: Duzil
I just started a YouTube channel and I heav one video it's not the best quality but it's called pokemon x amazing wonder trades!! Come support me plz thanx!
Автор: Zulkimi
Wish in could watch tomorrow. (Camping >.<)
Автор: Faezragore
Автор: Zolozahn
OMG I actually know both of the people in the colab for one! ❤️
Автор: Mezigul
Starts at 18:00 and finishes at 2:00 In Britton
Автор: Dirr
aww, i have to work but have fun!
Автор: Guzshura
A WII U!? and all i have to do is watch mario cart for 8 hours?!? im in
Автор: Mezikora
I love that JWittz is like the only youtuber I follow that lives in the same time zone as me
Автор: Malakinos
Oh, isn't is great to be in the same time zone as your favorite YT channels?
Автор: Bataxe
Is it a coincidence that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced in the month of MAY?
Автор: Mezimi
YES I AM THE 301th viewer!
Автор: Akitaur
My game still hasn't arrived.
Автор: Nahn
14 viewer
Автор: Sakinos
11 hours left for me!
Автор: Tot
Do not order from the Nintendo UK store.
Автор: Yorn
For all the Once that use UTC: The stream starts 6pm UTC
Автор: Fenrim
Автор: Nir
Автор: Najas
u said march 30 like cobanermani456
Автор: Fauramar
12:00 pm to 8:00 pm... Is it a 20-hour long stream??? :-OOO
Автор: Nagal
Oh well, woo! Let's have some fun on stream! :D
Автор: Faet
Do a vid about the ghost girl in luminose and the message in luminose station
Автор: Malat
I'd watch this if I wasn't planning to be playing the game myself during that time.
Автор: Kajora
Well, I'm only gonna get to watch four hours, since I get home from school at 4:00 .
Автор: Kazihn
I want the prizes but I can't sit in front of the computer from 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm (EST). I'm sad. :(
Автор: Vudojora
Автор: Taulabar
no,no.....OHMY YES XD
Автор: Vojind
Автор: Moogubar
Автор: Tygole
i played it today
Автор: JoJonos
Nice there's gonna be a live stream with give aways from my favorite youtuber and I'm going to miss it because of school...
Автор: Taushakar
Can we win multiple prizes?
Автор: Mooguzuru
HAPPY B-DAY ME!!! ... Tommorow
Автор: Goltizuru
I WOULD watch, if I wasn't getting it myself...
Автор: Shadal
Can't wait to dual stream with you! This is going to be epic!
Автор: Mikakree
And with a heavy sigh, all of Europe realized it was a no go for them. Aw man why do I gotta live in sweden? D:
Автор: Gotaur
I will meet you there :D
Автор: Shaktilabar
Sounds awesome have fun you guys!
Автор: Brazuru
Lol march! X3
Автор: Vudonris
it says march for may
Автор: Mijin
I wish I could get the prices :(
Автор: Nihn
I live in the Netherlands no lootcrate for me :(
Автор: Sadal
You're doing it on a school day AND my sister's birthday.
Автор: Akinokinos
Автор: Mezitaxe
You said MAY 30th but the video says MARCH?!?!!?
Автор: Tygozilkree
It is may, he said may, he typed march.
Автор: Voodoom
Yes, yes it is.
Автор: Megor
I never new he had a twitch lol just followed u on the app :)
Автор: Kaganris
Omg thejustinflynn
Автор: Mikakora
~40 time zones*
Автор: Keshicage
this is awesome :)
Автор: Gardagrel
Why do I always see these videos a day after the stream?!
Автор: Voodoozil
Please consider expanding your prize grid
Автор: Moogucage
Dude you say may but the screen say march wich is it?
Автор: Arazil
1-9 in eastern time.
Автор: Yozshuzil
est(eastern standard time) is from one-ten
Автор: Mera
Its 7pm CET
Автор: Dairr
Автор: Tojakree
And Nintendo will only take 75% of all revenue earned!
Автор: Shakale
Europe is never invited to the win prizes events ;_;
Автор: Mikashura
5PM on uk time.
Автор: Tygojar
Awesome video, like mario kart 8 ^^
Автор: Manris
I'll try my best to make it as long as possible ;)
Автор: JoJozragore
Can you get prizes and watch this on the app?
Автор: Grogar
Ummm...... pun intended? xD
Автор: Ararr
Noooooo! I mist it! Damn it!
Автор: Vilmaran
For GMT it is 6pm till 2am
Автор: Gakazahn
There are to many Mario Kart 8 Launch Party streams to watch. T _ T
Автор: Kekus
Автор: Arashigor
Why UK and not the rest of europe, what is the logic behind this?
Автор: Aragis
Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! TheJustinFlynn cheats in pokemon games by hacking in pokemon my using illegal websites! I hate him so much. >:(
Автор: Shaktizshura
But euhm, for all JWittz's european viewers, this livestream will be from 7PM CET till 3 AM CET
Автор: Zulushura
No Wii U for Germany :(
Автор: Jujar
3-11am on the 31st in Australia. Wah! Oh well the prizes are worth it :)
Автор: Jukree
Will the stream be posted on your YouTube channel a day or so after the actual stream? I'm gonna be on vacation tomorrow.
Автор: Akijora
No prizes for me... Show us your karting moves!
Автор: Kaziramar
Am I the only person who thought: You go Canada!!Go be noticed!!
Автор: Nahn
For PST Viewers: It starts at 10:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm
Автор: Tygozshura
Автор: Gull
Did it
Автор: Dulabar
Jwitz, u do realize that say March 30, right............
Автор: Vudomuro
YES! Can't wait to mod this stream!
Автор: Kazahn
The graphic says "March 30th" but the party is TOMORROW, MAY 30th. I somehow typed in the wrong "M" month. See you all there!
Автор: Shaktisho
Mad at myself for missing the stream, and not watching this video sooner.
Автор: Dum
Oh well, woo! Let's have some fun on stream! :D
Автор: Dujin
I'm Portuguese. No prizes for me...
Автор: Shaktinos
i just subscribed to thejustinflynn a week ago and now he is doing a dual stream with thejwittz
Автор: Mitaxe
Автор: Tasho
No prizes for Europe. F*** me,right?
Автор: Balar
Please play as Pink Gold Peach!
Автор: Sharr
Too much handsomeness in one same stream. I cant handle this. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS
Автор: Zuluktilar
Damn I have to work the night shift tomorrow.
Автор: Zur
This starts at 3am for me. I might be able to catch a bit of the end.
Автор: Gardakora
I already played the demo at Walmart so I know everything about it
Автор: Menos
Jwittz can you post pokemon top 5 or fact of the day

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