WordArt in Word 2016 - Quick & Fast Tips

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Автор: Zolomuro
nice video sir
Автор: Moogujora
how do i get the 2010 wordart in new version
Автор: Faushicage
Thank you so much. I used to be a wiz with word art back in the day, and have been so frustrated with this version while trying to make something for my son... did not notice the "transform" option to get the shape! You saved my sanity lol...
Автор: Daimuro
Music is stupid? I hope I never see your videos again.
Автор: Tygozil
Thanks man, for this easy tip
Автор: Kezuru
thank you this helped me so fast and easy
Автор: Sakus
I have Office 2016 but when I use Word, it only gives me the old Word Art options (the rainbow letters and stretched out word art). Does anybody happen to know how I can get this version of Word Art?

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